Firm Element Needs Analysis Quarterly Highlights

Formerly the Firm Element Advisory (FEA)


Quarterly Highlights Overview

The Securities Industry/Regulatory Council on Continuing Education (Council) publishes the Firm Element Needs Analysis Quarterly Highlights to assist industry participants with identification of potential topics to include in Firm Element training plans. Topics are identified from a review of industry, regulatory and self-regulatory organization (SRO) announcements, publications of significant events, and the annual report from FINRA’s Examination and Risk Monitoring Program.

The Council suggests that firms use the Firm Element Needs Analysis Quarterly Highlights as an aid in evaluating and prioritizing their Firm Element needs and developing written training plans.

Firms are reminded not to rely on the Firm Element Needs Analysis Quarterly Highlights as a comprehensive list of all areas they should consider. The Council recommends using all available tools to make Firm Element planning as efficient and effective as possible.

Firm Element Requirement

The Firm Element requirements apply to all registered persons. Each firm is required to analyze and evaluate its training needs in light of the firm's size, organizational structure, scope of business, types of products and services it offers, as well as regulatory developments and the performance of its registered persons in the Regulatory Element.

The Firm Element consists of annual, firm-developed and administered training programs designed to keep registered employees current on topics related to professional responsibility and to the role, activities or responsibilities of the registered person. The Firm Element requires broker-dealers to annually evaluate and prioritize their training needs, i.e., conduct a Needs Analysis, and develop a written plan. In planning, developing, and implementing the Firm Element training, each broker-dealer must take into consideration its size, structure, scope of business, and regulatory concerns.

Particular emphasis should be placed on changes to firm or industry demographics from the prior year. New products, new rules related to firm business and problems the firm has experienced, such as complaints, regulatory or legal actions, are other particularly important considerations.

Each firm must then administer its Firm Element Continuing Education Program in accordance with its annual Needs Analysis and written plan, and must maintain records documenting the content of the program and completion of the program by covered persons.

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